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Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm PST
, rubio, bush, christie, paul ryan the running mate all of them now will be looking forward to an open seat four years from now. so the question about a concession speech and its timing is part of it but that's in the immediate aftermath of a defeat. it will happen, but it's probably going to be another 45 minutes or so. >> carl, it's my understanding that an hour and 15 minutes ago the romney camp called made it clear that they thought the networks called this thing too early and they were frankly contested it i know because i read it happened over on the fox newschannel. >> yeah, they disputed it. very early on they said wait a minute, hold on a second. ohio with only 45% of the vote in. it's just not fair to the incredible closeness that this race was. week after week, literally since may of this year. very rarely did the polls venture even outside the -- >> you're disputing it? >> not really. >> reporter: if they're not disputing it, why aren't they moving on? this isn't normal, this isn't what happened in years past. >> reporter: it's not but they're probably putting the finishin
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1